EndPoint Loss Control
EndPoint Loss Control

EndPoint Loss Control, a Division of IG, Inc.

Trusted Source for Repossession Industry Facility Inspections and Defensive Driving Courses structured for the Repossession Industry

EndPoint Loss Control, a Division of IG, Inc. provides insurance carriers, lenders, and forwarders risk awareness through loss control services. We offer Loss Control Facility Inspections to expose possible risk of detrimental incidents or insurance claims. These inspections survey an agency's facilities and operations to identify potential risks before an incident occurs.

EndPoint Loss Control, a Division of IG, Inc. also provides an instructor Licensed by the National Safety Council to teach several of their Defensive Driving Classes. Our instructor's focus for these courses is geared to the drivers employed in the Repossession Industry and help make drivers aware of the most common causes of incidents, and can provide drivers with defensive driving strategies to avoid crashes, collisions, traffic violations and costly insurance claims. Participants will learn how to recognize both potential and immediate hazards and how to avoid crashes and collisions in a variety of driving conditions and environments. Participants will be motivated to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes by learning the best practice approach to safe and responsible driving.

Licensed Instructor with the NCS
For Their Defensive Driving Courses:

  •   Professional Truck Drivers Defensive Driving Course
  •   Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
  •   Chronic Offender

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